The Toughest Part Connected With a Guide to Setting Goals This Year

Every year or whenever the need arises a lot of people sit down and write down goals. Most people write what they want to accomplish at the beginning of the year. Most people usually end up writing a long list of things they want done. The next year rolls around and it seems that the same list gets written again.

The guide to setting goals really isn’t that tough in itself. The one part of setting goals is one that gets everyone. I’ll get to that a bit later but I want to expound on the fact on how easy it is to get yourself going in the right direction.

So it’s established that the age old honored technique of writing down things you want done is firm in your mind. You want to get more sales, more money, another house, a boat, whatever it is you write it down and your write affirmations or you start meditating.

But the excitement soon wears off if you don’t have a good reason to keep going. Believe me after a month or two if you don’t have the ambition or the motivation to keep going who’s to know? Really, have you told anyone about your dreams? Why not?

Don’t feel embarrassed I used to do the same thing. If I didn’t tell anyone what my intentions are then no one would be the wiser. You and I and thousands of other people end up in the same rut soon after we write our goals down.

If you can read between the lines here I’m thinking you know already what the toughest part connected with the guide to setting goals are. But just let me rank down again how easy it is to set these goals.

So initially when you wrote down these goals you probably prioritized them and gave deadlines to them. That one step is deep and you probably have read it or even participated in a goals setting class before.

You know it works because you seen it happen. But if you still feel empty inside because you hadn’t accomplished your most cherished goal then I have an insight for you to ponder.

Sure writing down goals, prioritizing them and giving deadlines on their accomplishment is a great start. But if you don’t tell anyone then you can’t be held accountable.

That’s the key to success in setting goals and that’s the toughest part connected with goals. I know that’s out of most peoples comfort zones but it works. Getting in liaison with someone else and pumping each other up works wonders in getting things done.

If you submit in writing or just in passing conversation to someone that will check up on you from time to time is a motivation factor of the highest degree.

The only reason that it would be considered the toughest part of a goal is if you didn’t honor your word to someone else. Yes, you could make up all kinds of excuses but the bottom line is that you said you would do it. How good is your word?

Finding an accountability partner may be a bit of a trek for you but there are places and systems that can hold you accountable for your self written dreams.

This one piece of the missing puzzle will make the toughest part of goal setting a guide to setting goals easier and attainable.

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