The War Between PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPV (Pay Per View) Marketing

The modern way of earning advertising revenues on the Internet that has been spearheaded in the last half-dozen years or so is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. This is a usually unobtrusive method of placing your ads on somebody else’s website or on the right side of Google Search Results page for the keywords you’re bidding on. These written ads lead the websurfer to your website splashpage, hopefully from which place you’ll make a sale.

The advantage for you is, you place all of your ads for free.However,if a user clicks your ads,you pay an amount for each of those clicks.That amount can range from 10 cents to …20-30$… These ads are predominantly administered by Google AdWords.The ads manifest as sets of words that have been pre-written by you and appear only on webpages where the content is relevant to what you’re selling based on the words you’ve chosen.

Some Internet marketers have seen PPC (Pay Per Click) as a goldmine…but many others have felt they do not get good results, or could do much better.

Enter the new wave: Pay Per View (PPV) Marketing. With PPV (Pay per View) advertising, you don’t have a link that takes one back to your website…your website appears before the page viewer’s very eyes! And this happens when you want it to happen.

Instead of costing a few bucks per clicked ad, PPV Marketing costs you only pennies to make a far better ROI–and not just in terms of time spent, but clearly in terms of your bottom line, too. With a mere $1, PPV can send you 100 supertargeted visitors, people just waiting to buy from you.

What’s more, you can forget all about needing to compose targeted ads, researching the ten thousand “hot tags” that are floating around and being used by everyone, and taking so many shots in the dark that don’t result in sales but do cost you money…those couple of bucks per click-through do add up quickly. Unlike PPC Marketing,PPV Marketing is almost risk-free.While an unsuccessful PPC campaign can cost you hundreds of dollars,an unsuccessful PPV Campaign won’t cost you more than a couple of bucks..

Done right, PPV can get you the substantial income that you’ve been craving from your Internet business.

Why don’t you give it a shot?

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