Three Alternative Safari Destinations

The safari, it is a unique type of holiday that leaves every person speechless. Being able to observe the rarest animals in a wall free, wild habitat is one of life’s privileges; no wonder it’s been such a popular holiday choice for so many years. When many think of the word safari, they immediately think of Africa, but the world offers so much more. Here are the top three alternative Safari destinations.


This exciting journey takes you along the foothills of the Himalayas, while visiting all the incredible sights of India on the way. Visit the magnificent palace of the Taj Mahal in Agra, then to Kathgodam and climb the foothills of the biggest mountain range on the planet. I forgot to mention the Tigers, Elephants, Chital and a leopard as some of the animal sights you can expect to encounter in the Corbett National Park. This fascinating trip gives an excellent insight into Asian culture and gives you the opportunity to witness the rarity to tigers within their own habitat, what could be better?

The Galapagos Islands

The chain of 61 islands is home to one of the largest arrays of wildlife in the world, with giant tortoises, Komodo Dragons and marine Iguana amongst some of the weird and wonderful animals it has to offer. The trek offers you the opportunity to experience the culture of the area, visiting Ecuador’s capital of Quito. A trip to Cotopaxi National Park is breathtaking, marvel at the world’s highest active volcano or climb to 4800m to visit the Jose Rivas Refuge. It’s then off to the volcanic island of Santa Cruz, where you can spot dolphins and sea lions playing in the waters. Also visit Tortuga bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in not only the Galapagos, but the world.


The Safari of Borneo gives you a lesson in culture like no other, allowing you to live the life of a tribesman. The Iban tribe, once feared as a murdering tribe, now welcome you can taste their exquisite rice wine, hike exclusive jungle trails and learn the ancient art of the blowpipe. On your journey through the rainforest, get close to the beautiful Orang-utan, a currently critically endangered animal. Firstly you will visit the Sepoilok reserve, where constant conservation is in place to protect these animals; and finally roaming in the wilds of the Sakau rainforest. Expect to also see wild boar, turtles and hornbills amongst thousands of other species on your trip.

There are three of the best safari destinations, each with their own unique types of wildlife and habitats. Look into other types of safari and see what amazing trips you can find.

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