Time Management Strategies – Bill Burns on Planning and Validation Vs Change Incarnations

Are you ready for a completely different approach to time management? Read on to discover Bill Burns’ take on how to manage to do lists.

Bill Burns is an incredibly gifted psychic and spiritual teacher in Los Angeles. According to Burns, there are two very different types of people: validation incarnations and change incarnations.

The change incarnation people are those for whom traditional time management systems, complete with planning and schedules, work very nicely. Since they’re also in the majority of the population to the tune of about 90%, it seems like this is the way it should work.

This reminds me of the time when the prevailing “wisdom” insisted on making us all follow a low fat diet, which caused some of us a lot of misery and weight gain.

Now we know that many of us are designed to thrive on a LOW CARB diet, with ample protein, quite a bit of good fat, and as few carbs as possible, other than mostly veggies. And most of us do much better without eating grains too. There goes another sacred cow of the dominant nutritionist paradigm.

Time management works much the same way.

Yes, it works great for Change incarnation people.

However, it causes a lot of grief for the rest of us – the Validation incarnation people.

How so? Because validation incarnation people “function” pretty much exactly in a way that’s in perfect alignment with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

In fact, I’m sometimes wondering if Abraham Hicks are simply just talking to Validation incarnations, since their teachings are perfect for us. Maybe that’s because it’s really mainly validation incarnation people who are open to that kind of teaching.

Change incarnations would be skeptical to say the least, and probably turned off by those teachings.

And if Bill is right, change incarnations won’t need it anyway- all they have to do is work their plans.

But for validation incarnations… things are very different.

If they follow their gut, and focus on doing the things that feel right, while feeling good about themselves at all times, things tend to fall into place.

Yet if they push and shove and force themselves to keep up with something they don’t really want to do, they tend to get into big trouble.

Now that doesn’t mean they can be irresponsible. They still have to do the regular stuff, but overall, the emphasis is on following your bliss – just like Joseph Campbell used to say, who was obviously another Validation incarnation.

And just as Abraham’s teachings lay it out.

Any time management course that would work for validation incarnation people would have to be compatible with that. It would have to help you reconcile getting stuff done while following your bliss at the same time.

By the way, would you like to know if you’re a validation or a change incarnation?

Here’s a quick test:

1) Have some of the best things in your life ever come to you out of the blue?

2) Does planning often lead to disaster or get you stuck in a place where you’re not happy?

3) Did the above article speak to you?

4) Do things work best for you when you feel good about yourself?

If you answered Yes to most (or all of the above), you are very likely to be a validation incarnation. If you answered no, you should probably think about your answers a bit harder since most change incarnation people would have stopped reading this article long ago.

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