Time Management Tips – 3 Top Extrovert Strategies to Energize Your Time and Create Enthusiasm

Time management tips that fit your unique temperament are the ultimate energy tools. To select the right tools for your energy type, take the quiz below. If you discover you are an extrovert, you can use these specialized tips to open new doors to productivity, magnifying your effectiveness.

Extroverts’ strengths include their capacity to create social environments in which they thrive. In these settings, they cultivate strong professional relationships. Extroverts utilize their highly developed interpersonal skills to navigate with ease through the work world. Their genuine interest in others helps them listen intently, gather information and negotiate.

Quiz: Do You Possess an Extrovert Time and Energy Temperament?

  1. _____ T/F: I do best when I’m actively engaged, not passively learning.
  2. _____ T/F: I am energized by group collaborations.
  3. _____ T/F: My creativity is fueled through brainstorming with others.

If you answer these questions with “True”, then the 3 tips in this article apply directly to you. Briefly stated, your extrovert strength multiplies when you expend energy through engaging with others. At the same time, you may find your effectiveness erodes when you work on your own.

3 Ways Extroverts Can Amplify Their Productivity

  1. Identify the tasks you find difficult or bothersome, and handle them first thing.

    If you seek out others for stimulation before attending to annoying project details, your final product may suffer. So overcome the urge to procrastinate. Start with the objectionable work and get it over with. Then you’ll be free to make enjoyable and productive use of the rest of the day with clear conscience.

  2. Recognize introverted coworkers and capitalize on their strengths.

    Sidestep the extrovert trap of dismissing introverts. Use your social intuition to respectfully draw them out, learning how they can best contribute to any group endeavor. Try cooperatively establishing ways to exchange information, perhaps through emails, text messaging or sharing one to one. In that way, each party’s comfort zone is respected, data is collected, and no one feels stranded or engulfed.

  3. Use your extrovert expertise to create powerful and congenial teams.

    Identify which introverts you work with most easily, and delegate tasks to them that can be handled independently. Encourage your more extroverted co-workers to collaborate and independently develop a team approach that maximizes the potentials of each individual.

Since comprehension fuels creativity, always be on the lookout for fresh possibilities as you explore your unique relationships with others. The more accurately you map out each contributor’s realm of competence, the more creatively you can guide your “smart groups”, as they devise synergistic working systems. You and your colleagues may be amazed by how dramatically the integrated effectiveness of such collaboration surpasses the sum of its individual parts.

So now, ask yourself: How can you use your unique extrovert qualities to jump-start your personal productivity?

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