Time Management Tips – Create a Personal Sanctuary With Solitude

Time management tips can help you shape your quality of life. Ultimately, you determine how to use each moment of your life to promote your balance, your satisfaction, and your productivity. Perhaps you are so busy now that it’s hard to assess just how well your time choices are working for you! Maybe you are tired, rundown, frantic, or simply out of sync with yourself. Now is the time to create a personal sanctuary with solitude.

Creating a Sanctuary

Your sanctuary can be very simple. All it really needs is you, free from outside distractions for a certain period of time. You can replenish yourself with stillness.

When you create a quiet space to look within, your time is truly your own. Your shoulders relax. What a comfort to soften into the awareness of how effortlessly your body maintains its cadence of heartbeat and breathing, performing all the intricate dances of sustaining your life.

Your solitude is created by mindfulness, one breath at a time. With practice, you can tune in to the still-point of silence anywhere. But you may wish to set aside a special corner, and collect touchstones that ease your transition inward. You may find that the glow of a candle, a special scent or favorite poem helps you travel within. They may even create paths to precious memories and intuitive awakenings.

What a Personal Sanctuary Provides for You

Solitude helps you directly experience that you are enough. You have enough. Inner peace blossoms within you. Assimilating your wholeness helps you review the rash of demands upon your time from a fresh perspective. Urgency lessens. Prioritizing becomes easier. So does turning down invitations and demands that could clutter your time.

That is why solitude is essential. It strengthens the very core of your wisdom. And strength begets courage. When you dispel that gnawing illusion that you desperately need something dangling just out of reach in the perpetual future, you can make time decisions that are grounded and realistic.

Time and the Timeless in Your Sanctuary

Christin Lore Weber wrote eloquently of inner sanctuary and solitude in her book, The Finding Stone. In one meditation, she wrote:

“I will know the place, It is quiet there… It is the place of my beginning, and the place of my ending. It is where I am whole. It is worth the journey… It is my true self.”

Visit this sanctuary often to cultivate your solitude. In its fathomless depths, you touch the magic of the moment, and open the gift of simply being alive.

How can you safeguard your sanctuary, and create a time management plan based upon this deepened awareness?

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