Top 3 Penny Stock Message Boards

Most people know what internet message boards are. They provide a place where you can get together with other people who have similar interests to you and exchange information and messages with each other. It should come as no surprise then to learn that there are penny stock message boards available as well. These focus on the penny shares market and lots of people who have a big interest in these frequently go on the message boards to discuss options and opportunities.

But which are the best boards to visit?

Stock Hideout at is one of the first ones you should take a look at. It has chat rooms, social groups and message boards, and it is a very active site as well. This means you can join and get into discussions with people straightaway, although it is usually best to explore the site in a bit more detail first.

If you click on the stock boards link at the top of the page you will be taken into the relevant area of the site. This is where you will see stocks grouped according to their market capitalization, including sub penny stocks which focus on the smallest value stocks on the market today.

Next up are the Hot Stock Market Forums at This site has lots of different areas to browse through, including a penny stock message board which usually has quite a few members browsing and adding comments to. Elsewhere you can find plenty of stock market information and details of other stocks as well, if you want to invest in higher priced ones. This board is very detailed and has plenty for you to explore.

Finally there is the Hot Penny Stocks website, which you will find at This is packed with live chat features that you can instantly sign up for and use. As such it varies slightly from the usual message board feature, but we have included it because it offers something different and it is very active with people chatting about penny shares.

So you can see that there are plenty of opportunities for you to find what you need with regard to stock information. If you are new to the market you can think about joining one or more of these communities to get chatting with people who are further along the road than you are. These message boards can be very useful in lots of different ways.

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