Top 3 Reasons Why NFP Payout EA Works

The first reason why the NFP Payout EA works is because this expert advisor has the following features compared to other EAs:

Back tested results, 100% hands free trading, has higher liquidity, has a automated stop loss setup for you, calculates the right risk to reward ratio, has a built in profit protection strategy, only trades major currency pairs to guarantee you the smallest spreads. All these features had been proven by professional beta testers.

The second reason why the NFP EA works is because the NFP Payout strategy by Kishore M has had a proven track record of winnings over the past few years of manual trading. This strategy has been programmed into an expert advisor only just recently. The NPF payout takes advantage of the NFP trades that happens every first friday of the month and it is at these times that the market is most volatile to give huge profits when the strategy is applied.

The 3rd reason why the NFP Payout EA works is because it comes with a 60 Days Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee. If it doesn’t work, Kishore would pay your back with no questions asked. The guarantee gives you total confidence that the company is no just selling you something for nothing. Powerup Capital has been around for more than 9 years and if they were cheating, they would be closed down much earlier already.

There has been a lot of testimonials about the NFP Payout EA and its about time more people should give it a try.

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