Top 5 Anniversary Gifts For Men

Yes, men forget anniversaries. Unfortunate, but true. Unless your anniversary falls on Christmas or Superbowl each year, this may continue to be an ongoing issue. But, how do you get them to remember your special day? One way to remind your husband of an anniversary is to consistently give him knockout gifts! If receiving shiny baubles works for women, why not for men? The following a list of five top anniversary gifts for men. Here are five ways to tell your guy you love him, while reminding him that your anniversary falls on the same day each year. Is that so hard to remember?

The fifth great gift item you can give is a nice expensive bottle of Cologne. This is a win-win situation, since men want to smell good for their women and there’s nothing that drives a woman wilder than to get a whiff of her great smelling guy. The next great gift item is an iPhone. If your husband doesn’t have one these gadgets already, chances are he’s been eyeing them. This nifty little thing is more than a phone. You can subtly insert your anniversary date into the calendar so that he can never forget and then take a whole bunch of pictures of yourself ahead of time, so that he has a constant reminder you wherever he goes.

The third great gift item on the list is a digital camera. Men somehow seem predisposed to take pictures, and a sharp, shiny new gadget would be a great incentive for him to take more picture of the two of you. It could also be used as encouragement to go away on a vacation, which leads us to the second great gift idea for your guy anniversary-time. The second top gift for your anniversary is a nice weekend get away for two. What’s nicer than a little time away with no distractions? You’ll get a break from the daily stresses of work and get the chance to reconnect and rekindle that romance.

And the top anniversary gift for men is sporting event tickets. Yes, nothing says love like tickets to a Red Sox or Lakers game. If your hubby is a sports fan, he will appreciate you and certainly love you for life for supporting his sports addiction! And how can he forget your anniversary, when he spent the last one cheering with fans at the last quarter of some game? These are just a few inventive ways to tell your husband that you think he’s number one. And who knows, maybe that last shiny toy will get him excited for the next anniversary. That, and of course the fact that he has a smart and beautiful wife who gives the best anniversary gifts ever.

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