Trouble-Shooting Tips for Computer Freezes After Startup

There is nothing more frustrating than to have your computer freeze up after startup but if it does there are ways to fix it. There are many different reasons why this might happen that can include having defective hardware such as having a loose connection between the computer motherboard and hardware, having an infected driver, having faulty software which can include being infected with a virus, or having a bugged operating system which means your operation system may be corrupted.

If your computer freezes right after startup here are the things that you can try to get your computer to respond. Make sure that you do these steps in order.

1. Set your system in clean boot and then reboot your system
2. Click on start and in the search box type misconfig and hit enter. If the system prompts you for a confirmation like a password, just type it in and click continue.
3. On the General tab click on selective startup.
4. Under the selective startup clear the checkbox that says clear the load startup items.
5. Select the Services tab
6. On the prompt Hide all Microsoft Services click on this check box and click disable all.
7. Click okay and when the system prompts you to do so chick restart
8. If your system starts up and you are running the operating systems Windows XP or Windows Vista you will need to apply the algorithm divide and conquer in order to detect the Microsoft service that is causing your computer to freeze on startup.

Once you have the startup freeze problem solved you will need to check the registry by doing these things.

1. Click on start and type REGEDIT in the search box and hit enter.
2. The registry key that you should be looking for is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFiles System
3. In order to delete any short or duplicate versions for DOS names you need to set the NtfsDisabled8dot3NameCreation to the number 1.

If your computer freezes at startup or just after startup do not automatically think that it needs to be reformatted. If you are not computer savvy and do not want to try to fix it yourself you can either call a professional computer repair technician to come to your place to fix it or you can take it to a computer repair technician. Either could be very expensive. Sometimes just turning it off and letting it sit for at least thirty minutes you will find the problem solved when turning on the computer again.

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