True Nature of Reality

Each moment of our life is filled with impermanence and yet the common tendency is to not pay attention to it at all unless acquainted to do so. Upon waking-up, is your first thought about impermanence? Very unlikely so! Yet, a night went by and from that moment impermanence looms on anything from anywhere. Can you claim otherwise? Is there anything that exists permanently without change? Leave the room, the moment is gone. Who knows if you will return! What spontaneously comes to mind when talking about impermanence is Buddhism. Have you ever considered your mortality, your changeability? Have you observed the disruption that impermanence creates around happiness? Why is that so? Why is the mind so attached to permanency?

It is the mind that gives power to permanency, which, in itself does not exist. Introspection of the mind is your best tool to observe and understand the tricks the mind plays on the true nature of reality. The true nature of reality is made of impermanence and changeability and through a progressive practice of introspection, it becomes possible to detect attachment to form, shapes, odors, colors, emotions, and dispel the tendency of becoming acquainted with attachment. Would you try? Would you accept to sit every day even if only for ten minutes and observe the mind’s tricking games? Maybe you would hesitate, thinking that it would divert your attention to other more important business matters. However a fantasy world it may appear to be, meditation is a great training tool for the mind to calm down, pace down, reflect on the true nature of reality, impermanence. Thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. Something that was attracting attention, at times maybe obsessively, becomes redundant, disappears, opinion changes, emotions pace down, anxiety settles. Neuroscientific studies bring solid evidence that meditation is not only a mind’s training tool, and rather a wellness generator for the brain by stimulating a process called neurogenesis, the production of new neurons. This means that even ten minutes of meditation per day, can, in the medium and long terms generate new neurons, simply by teaching the mind to practice discernment.

The true nature of reality is of changeability, and sitting down with regular punctuality even ten minutes a day, bring vast mind’s rewiring effects, that may, in the long run, contribute to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Don’t humans live in their mind? Even a healthy and fit body has a mind which requires the same amount of training and wellness than the physical body.

Would you give it a try?

Source by Isabella Dove

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