Turning Your Courtship to Successful Marriage – Part 1

Courtship and marriage are two separate things although similar in some respects. However, you can successfully turn your courtship into marriage if you have knowledge of the ways of achieving this.


Courtship and marriage are similar to the extent that both are relationship that involves two persons of opposite gender who are emotionally involved with each other. They share times and things together keeping each others company and keeping each other satisfied.

Differences between Courtship and Marriage

Courtship differs so much from marriage in that courtship is time of discovering each other to ascertain compatibility. Courtship also provides opportunity to discover each other’s values, reasoning pattern, temperament and behaviour pattern.In courtship partners see each other sometimes at prepared and organized settings. This cannot be equated to marriage.

Marriage Is a Legally Bounding Relationship

Marriage is a legally bounding relationship that has been solemnized with vows and it confers duties and responsibilities on each of the partners in the relationship and brings great benefits also to them. In marriage you don’t arrange to see your partner only when you are prepared, rather you see him/her everyday and night whether you want to or not. Indeed you are to do many things together daily. You talk together, eat together pray together, reason together and handle bills together. You lose your privacy as an individual so to say and the two becomes one. You cannot choose or decide what you do and where you will be all on your own, it is now the two of you deciding that in the interest of the marriage and family and not just one partner.

Courtship Can Break

Note importantly that courtship can break if there are indications that the two cannot stay together as husband and wife by any reason ranging from incompatibility, divergence of values, or even inability to see things together eye to eye continually. You can end courtship by reason of medical incompatibility like when the genotype of the two people opposes marriage like one having SS and the other AS. This is medically considered to be a ground that may produce three (3) SS children out of 4 children produced by such partners together.

Marriage Is Not Permitted to Break

Marriage is not permitted to be broken easily just at the will of a partner. At least it is not the prayer of any couple for their marriage to break; it is seen as failure on the part of the couples. Marriage is for a life time. Marriage failure always leaves marks on the partner’s life. It may even damage the emotional balance of the partners and leave them hurt internally inhibiting starting any other relationship.

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