Un-blocking the Flow of Creativity by Choosing Friends Wisely

When feeling discouraged, stuck or blocked, I’ve learned to take a breath, and a drink of water. Recently while doing this I was reminded of song lyrics that include “. . . that’s what friends are for. . . ” Sometimes a friend is needed to boost our spirits. When it comes to the creative process, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s necessary to make changes.

If you notice a certain friend drags you down, or you “just don’t feel right” after spending time together, consider releasing that friend to go spend time with someone else. Your creativity and your time are precious and being in a relationship with someone who has a negative effect can be a drain.

Do you have a friend who supports your work and your creative projects? If so, notice how you feel after spending time with that person. Probably positive and energized. That’s what we want in order to encourage the flow of creativity.

You are in charge of your one and only precious life and when you are ready to experiment with new projects, meet new people, try something completely different, you need a supportive pal. Remember, you get to spend time with people who support you. If you feel discouraged or held back, consider postponing spending time with that person.

A variation on this is to evaluate yourself as a friend. Are you being the kind of friend you want to have? Experiment with being the encouraging, supportive friend to someone else. Are you enough of a friend to yourself that you are willing to make changes in order to feel supported? Your creative energy will flow with more ease when you create a supportive environment.

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