Understanding Man’s Visual Nature – Through a Man’s Eyes

For too long the male has been misunderstood when it comes to his behavior around the female. This comes from the fact that the little boy comes equipped from the womb with wiring very different from little girls.

When the term wiring is used it means the chemical-hormonal mix, the brain wiring, leads the male to perceive the world in a certain way different from a female.

This on top of the fact the structure of the male brain is physically different from that of a female brain.

The book, Through a Man’s Eyes- Helping Women Understand the Visual Nature of Men by Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross helps explain to the female reader why men look at other women and what a woman can do to help cut down on the temptation of bad actions. Also a woman needs to take care in how she presents herself in public.

Man being visually wired explains the attraction of porn. For a woman the picture of the bikini clad female doesn’t set off alarms in the same way as for the male, if at all. For some reason it can give the male a physical, pleasurable reaction.

This could be because the male is wired for sight and the female is wired for touch.

A woman also responds to verbal stimulus. What a man says is important to her. A man just needs something that looks good to stimulate him.

It is normal. God created us this way. There is no reason to feel strange.

Feldhahn,as a social researcher,along with Gross,who is a pastor, have put together these ten chapters with notes to help explain to men and to women the things they need to understand. This is the book the male has wished he had to hand to the woman in his life so she would understand the difference. In other words, it is what he wished he could explain to her but doesn’t quite know how to explain.

Others have said the visual nature of men is an unchangeable reality of life,love and marriage and is an issue few women understand. This brings about relational problems and barriers to intimacy.

One of the chapters is on the response the female should have to the male difference. It alone is worth the price of the book.

The book is published by the WaterBrook Multnomah books and sells for $14.99.

Source by Dane Swanson

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