Use Your Natural Creativity to Resolve Challenges

We live in a technological age, we have computers, i-pods, cell phones and all manner of other technological devices, all of which I personally just love. But is it causing us to lose our Natural Creativity? Are we in danger of becoming too logical? Are we overlooking using our natural creativity to resolve challenges?

It really pays to remember that being logical only guarantees that our thinking will be correct not that it will be right. One of the logical problems, when we set ourselves a large goal, is to fall into the trap of thinking”how”?. How are we going to get the money? How will we be able to achieve our goal without the necessary things adjunct to making it all happen? The list is endless and we find ourselves in the trap of ‘logical thinking’.

One of the important aspect of successful people is that they avoid the trap of thinking logically. Now that may sound weird especially if you are like me a predominantly logically thinking person. But the trick is to focus on the goal, concentrate totally on the end results, not the ‘how’. By focusing on the end result this allows our sub-conscious to invent the “how” as we proceed towards our goal.

In this way we are allowing and using our Natural Creativity, which we all possess, to provide the means to achieve our goals. Thus by-passing the logical thinking mind which brings up all the “hows”.

Most of our creativity is a sub-conscious process. Everyone has I am sure experienced the ‘bright idea’ when the solution to a problem has suddenly appeared in their mind. This comes about because our sub-conscious has been at work.

Theory of the Natural Creative Process:


Our perception, through our senses, does not match our sub-conscious picture. Therefore we have a problem.


The conflict/problem is presented to our sub-conscious and the creative sub-conscious searches through our lifetime’s data for information which will provide a solution.


Usually during a relaxed time our creative sub-conscious will provide a complete solution to the problem.


This is the most important step in the creative process. How to implement creatively a bright idea.

The Practice of the Natural Creative Process

How to apply the theory.


We give our sub-conscious mind a conflict or problem by making an Affirmation. For example, “I am delighted at the solution I have devised for the problem of (fill in the problem)”. Then conflict exists in the gap between what we are visualizing and external reality. We have NOT reached a solution.


Stimulated by this conflict our creative sub-conscious then goes to work to find a solution for us.


Once our creative sub-conscious has found a solution it will raise it to our conscious mind. This process occurs when our conscious mind is relaxed. For example, during meditation or even watching television. Remember, the solution is usually only given once. So be sure to write it down.


It can often be hard to get others to accept our bright idea. When this occurs simply ask once more that your creative sub-conscious will resolve this issue. To do this give it yet another conflict through Affirmation: “I am delighted at the way I have found of persuading(fill in the name etc) to implement my bright idea”.

Then the entire process will re-start and a resolution will again come into your conscious mind during a relaxed period of time.

Every single one of us has this natural creativity. It’s not just those who are great artists, writers or anything of that nature, it is there within each and everyone of us without exception.

However it is usually stifled by:

(a) Our belief that we are not creative:

(b) The desire to conform; lacking the courage to be our own unique selves.

Everyone has this ability. Everyone has benefited from it in the past, albeit, somewhat haphazardly and without realizing the process involved.

Now you know how to use it systematically to bring about changes in any area of your life. Try out your natural creativity on the smaller things are first to build confidence. Then as your confidence grows step it up to bigger and bigger goals. It works and as with all things, practice makes perfect. So, start today to use your natural creativity and not your logic.

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