Using Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure – Why You REALLY Need a Very Good Bankruptcy Lawyer to Help You

Sure the bank does not like the idea of not being able to foreclose on you, but this is really not about the bank. This is about the fact that you are about to lose all that you have worked for, for the past several years. I mean, you have been dutifully paying your mortgage each month, and things have only just gotten worse in the last four months or so.

Also, they have really got to understand about the current global economic situation. How can anyone want to hold you liable for that? Besides, no one knows about the housing expenses you have had to deal with lately, and the fact that you have just had to take a pay cut. Someone really has got to care.

Well they do care, and the bankruptcy is the way in which you get to voice your opinion. At your bankruptcy hearing, you are going to have to prove that things are really as you said that they were, and if the judge believes you, you are in luck. You could get an injunction of a few years while you get your act back on the road, financially; or you could be asked to keep paying what you owe, but at a different interest rate and over a set period of months.

Basically, it all rests on how aggressive and well versed your bankruptcy lawyer is. A good lawyer can get you off without a hitch, but an incompetent attorney can leave you hanging with your pants down and a red-hot herring on your plate. If you know what is good for you, you will read first about how the proceedings go, and then you will get yourself the best bankruptcy lawyer that the United States has to offer… in your area.

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