What Does It Take to Start a Wedding Business? – 3 Pillars That Determine Your Success

Starting a wedding planner business takes more effort than just your starting money. One has to be extra patient and sociable to be successful in the wedding business. Wedding consultants or wedding planners deal with people from planning to the event proper and down to post-event, thus, being approachable and amicable is a must in wedding planners. So what does it take to start a wedding business?

Here are 3 pillars that determine your success:

1. Connections

Ask yourself “What do you need for a wedding?” and start listing them down. The essentials typically include a venue, flowers, music, car, gowns and suits, make-up, photography and food.

Next is to think about people that you know who own businesses or work for companies which cater to those essentials– Do you have a florist friend? Is there are reliable car rental in your area? Having a set of contacts on hand is better than starting from scratch (i.e. with a phone directory or searching for information online).

The difference lies in the reliability and level of trust you have in these contacts or connections to be your suppliers for starting a wedding planning business. It would be one less thing to worry about if you know you’ve known your supplier’s work ethics (i.e. you’ve worked with them in the past or they are personal friends) and you know they can deliver the result that you’ll need.

2. Being Organized

“What does it take to become a wedding planner?”

One of the top three answers would definitely be being organized. Wedding planners are hired to take the burden off the bride-to-be’s shoulders in taking care of a very important day in a woman’s life. Lists and calendars are the wedding planner’s bestfriend. Ideas from the bride-to-be and her posse, concepts from recent trends and input from your own personal research all have to be in well-organized lists. Color-code your lists, write important events (bookings, fitting, food tasting, etc) in your planner to make sure you have every tiny detail well thought of before, during and after the wedding ceremony.

3. Trusted Crew or Team

You need to also come up with a team of people you trust to help you out, especially on the wedding day itself. A smooth and hassle-free execution of the event lies in making sure you have more able bodies on the floor to keep your plans intact. It is simply logistically impossible to look at all angles by yourself and to be in too many places at once. Someone has to look at the bride’s side, another has to be assigned at the groom’s while others have to check the venues for ceremony, reception, etc. Having a team of individuals with specific tasks ensures that everything will be pristine and in place.

A wedding planning business is an exciting endeavour. In a way, it’s like working as a fairy godmother that makes a girl’s dream come true, only you get paid a lot of money! Once you pull off one spectacular wedding, you can expect that client to rave about your work and recommend you to her network. And that could be the start of a great business for you! What else does it take to start a wedding business? It also takes determination, persistence and a lot of creative ideas. But hey, you probably already have those if you’ve chosen this field, don’t you?

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