What Is Your Business Structure for the New Year?

There are basically only two tools that are needed to start and build a business online.

First you need a PAGE BUILDER. This is tool that allows you to create pages that can funnel people seeking your services into a device that allows the collection of data (primarily a name and email) so contact and connection can be made to create a relationship that eventually leads to sales.

Also, an AUTO-RESPONDER is needed to create lists and organize your contacts to send out information to huge groups automatically enlarging the number of people one needs to reach to conduct and grow a business.

With these two components in hand the following actions can be accomplished:

1. Make a decision which niche the business is going to serve and which problem or problems need to be solved. There should be a lot of thought and analysis put into this step in order to continue in the right direction and to be successful.

2 The next thing to get done is to build a lead magnet… this is a page that allows for the collection of basically a name and an email. In get someone to give you the name and email you make a free offer that entices them to action. This free offer should be full of valuable content. It could be a video, a book, something of value that will meet a need of your potential customer.

3. Drive this traffic (contacts, trade, business, customers, people) to the lead magnet. This can be done in a lot of different ways and you can be creative in how this is done. I got this information from a colleague that presented all these ideas on a live video seminar to people in the same affiliate business as her and she invited us to invite all our contacts. This was a win-win approach. Videos, free and paid ads, social media posts, email marketing, networking are a few ideas to drive people to what you have to offer in your lead magnet. Think outside of the box.

4. Provide value regularly. Send your list an email every day. Connect with them continually. Offer them value and show them that what you provide will give them a lot of value worth all the time. Then when you offer products they will see that you are giving them something way more valuable than the cost of your products.

5. Finally, make a sale. With 20% of your customers, just make the sale. They are ready. Your offer provides more value than the cost… it is a win for both your customer and you.

This is a brief outline of how to get your business up and running.

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