What is Your Worth?

Often we seek financial wealth outside of ourselves, yet, our wealth is within.

Entering into financial wealth comes from a place of discovering our own innate value and not ascribing limited financial numbers on it. Even when you say you are a millionaire, there is a cap, a ceiling on that.

The desire to get to a specific amount of money before you begin to appreciate and value yourself, is so far from any of the stuff any of us in this group believe in. But that is the message that we get every day.

Genuine authentic wealth is based on richness in all areas of our lives: Spiritually, health wise, relationships, family, knowledge and productivity. And money.

Each of these areas are important to look at. In January 2009, the German billionaire Adolf Merckle committed suicide after he faced huge financial losses. He was 74 years old and survived by a wife and four children. Although he was a billionaire, he based his wealth on his financial worth and could not deal with the fact that he could not get his businesses out of a financial slump. He was still the richest man in Germany but he considered himself a failure.

Oprah considered herself a failure because of 40 pounds of excess weight. She said all her accomplishments meant absolutely nothing if she could not fit into her clothes. That is how many people feel. They confuse their worth with their financial accomplishments or similar external measures of success.

When you get to the point that you say, “It does not feel good when I measure my worth by how much money I have in the bank,” you have entered into the gateway of true authentic wealth.

You understand that you do not measure yourself by external numbers. This is important because now, you mind is able to think in an unlimited manner and open up opportunities for you. When you have the belief that you are not what is in your bank account, it is your inner being showing you that your worth wants some awareness and tenderness.

Just being aware of the fact, not just in your head, but in your feelings, in your inner being, that you indeed are not definable by money, you are truly ahead of the game.

We as human beings default and end up defining our worth by our money because we have never stopped to think, “What is my worth?” How many people actually think like that?

If your worth is not based on money then what is it based on? People like me that have had the title “lawyer” momentarily thought that was our worth. This is a common problem among professionals such as lawyers, doctors and accountants.

What a slap in the face of Divine Intelligence! We were created to be infinite! We were created to enjoy this infinite journey. Our worth is in our happiness.

As you follow your bliss, as you allow authentic joy to flow in your life, you will experience financial abundance. In addition all the other components of wealth come into your life. Furthermore, equating one’s personal value and one’s personal worth with any financial measure is limiting the person.

For many of us, it may feel so out of reach to say, “I want to be a millionaire.” Or rather law of attraction devotees, “I am a millionaire.” However, as much as it is wonderful for any of us to want this be aware that this could be limiting.

The way of measuring our worth that does not put a limit on it is to measure our worth based on:

. how much we love ourselves;
. how connected we feel to Source; and
. how much and how often we are joyful.

As you craft your worth based on your values, and express that love, connection to Source and joy in the marketplace, you create authentic wealth and you literally experience cash flow. That is how you effortlessly draw money into your life.

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