What You Need to Know As a New College Professor

As a new professor, there are lots of things that you need to understand and expect concerning your new work environment, as well as what they will be expecting in return. And as a new incoming professor, the college or university where you are planning to work, or have been newly hired to work, will expect a lot of great things from you. Apart from the fact that a college or university will be looking for a candidate with the appropriate degree for teaching in college or university, they also want a professor who has had a minimum of at least three years experience in teaching. So in order for you to succeed as a college professor, you will want to learn the following things, especially if you have yet to obtain employment from a college or a university.

Firstly, you need to submit a resume that includes all of the teaching experiences you obtained, particularly in the higher levels. This can include both the formal and informal classes you facilitated and, since you are vying for a teaching position, the college human resources center will expect you to have the necessary skills and aptitude to teach at the higher level. But aside from these things, there are other important aspects that you should consider in order to make your teaching career a success. A lot of colleges and universities require new professors to teach a variety of courses because of the accreditation requirements, although a master’s degree and at least eighteen graduate credit hours related to the subject course are among the minimum requirements for new professors.

The level of education that is required for a professorship depends on the type of college that you are applying to. Four year undergraduate institutions often prefer doctoral degrees, especially for full time faculty, although they may hire a professional with a master’s degree in education as an adjunct instructor depending on the demand during a particular semester. This also means that aside from the level of schooling required, the professor must also be flexible because there are times when he or she may be called to teach in an adjunct instructor position.

In addition to the advanced degree required for a new professor, there are also other skills and various considerations that can determine your ability for success in your teaching career. For instance, possessing great organizational skills is highly important simply because lectures are required to be organized and comprehensively structured so that there is a continuous and comprehensible flow of information from the instructor to the class. You should also have current and in depth knowledge of the subject you are teaching and either practical or teaching experience in the subject area as well. Finally, having practical and extensive knowledge of teaching methods and strategies will also help you greatly when applying for a professorship.

When attempting to transition to a college professor role either from teaching or the private sector, you need to ensure that you are properly equipped for the change. Colleges are looking for subject experts, experienced educators, and those with expertise in teaching/training adult learners. When targeting your job search, keep these aspects in the front of your mind to ensure a successful transition into the college level of teaching.

Source by Candace Davies

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