When Accidents Happen Abroad

If you are into travel and if you are into adventure travel, especially, you should really be interested in the following.

As you know, when travelling there is always danger of accidents. You are more likely to do things that you have not done at home. You also don’t know the area so you never know what could happened.

You might be a well-seasoned traveller and you might have brought all your equipment and even a First Aid Kit but I bet you never thought of bring what I’m about to tell you below.

Thousands of people from the UK have injuries or suffer from a pre-existing health condition while on holiday. There are so many that there is a regular TV show on the UK about accidents abroad.

What do you do if you are in the presence of a family member while abroad?

Firstly, you should know some basic first aid. You should not move the person if they suffered from a fall. Call medical help. If you are at your hotel, get someone who knows English and the native language to make the call. You don’t want to waste time trying to communicate in a language you don’t know.

Secondly, while you are waiting, there is one thing you can do and that is using some form of energy healing. One such energy healing is Quantum Touch.

Have you ever thought of bringing energy healing abroad? It’s the best thing you can bring with you – especially adventure travellers.

With energy healing, it is completely safe – not only for the patient but for you, too, legally. There is no law against sending good thoughts to those in need!

The usefulness of a natural healing therapy really hit home for me today. I received an email from a dear friend of mine, Nat, who just returned from holiday with her mother and friend. Here is part of what she wrote…


There was an accident happened to me while in Madeira – there are not beaches in Madeira because it is a volcanic island, the landscape is quite rocky and there are a lot of cliffs around, so one day I decided to jump into the ocean from one of the cliffs (not high) and as soon as I did it I felt a sharp sting in my arm. I looked at it and saw long, blue fiber-like “threads” wound around it. The sting was increasing. I could hardly realise what happened and rushed swimming back to the shore ’cause it really hurt and I could not get rid my arm of these “threads”, they seemed to stick to or penetrate my pours…


She goes on to say that a man from the hotel got a scared look in his eyes. He said he didn’t know how to say it in English but Nat found out later that it was a Portuguese Man-of-War. Her arm was swollen for 3 hours and she was in pain.

Imagine if that happened to you, what would you do? You could do nothing and you would have to rely on someone calling an ambulance and going to hospital. Now, you are in another country while this happened. What is the service and response time? What kind of treatment? How effective is that treatment? If you don’t have travel insurance, how much would this cost you?

My dear friend, Nat, was told by the hotel worker that sometimes people die from a sting like this – it’s like being bitten by a cobra! Only people with a good “constitution” as she was told, survive. Well, thank God that she did survive.

If you are in like situation with someone being stung with a Portuguese Man-of-War, do NOT touch the stinger with your hands, as you can get secondary stings. Be careful in how you pull out the tentacles.

Another item to keep in mind, do NOT put vinegar on it as it will make the sting worse. This is what a hotel worker did to my friend in Portugal! Of course, do not put anything acidic on it (that is what vinegar is).

Reading up on basic First Aid before you go on your trip might come in handy when you are away. You never know who might need your help.

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