Who Are Today’s Best Selling Writers of Christian Literature & Fiction?

As I write this, the #1 Christian bestseller on Amazon is THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE by Timothy Keller, on Kindle. The top seller in paper is MERE CHRISTIANITY by C S Lewis.

In Christian Literature & Fiction, the top best seller in paper is TO THE MOON AND BACK by the wonderful Karen Kingsbury.

Also in the Top 20 are THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, Boxed Set by C S Lewis, FULL DISCLOSURE by Dee Henderson, THE WEDDING BOND (A Christian Romance) by Lee Tobin McClain, THE FACE OF THE EARTH by Deborah Raney, THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE by Julie Klassen and THE HIDEAWAY by Lauren K Denton.

For those of you who enjoy – and are looking for – a good story with genuine Christian heart, here are some of my favorite authors on today’s top Christian book lists.

JANETTE OKE. Janette Oke was born in 1935, in Champion, Alberta. She grew up on the vast Canadian prairies, steeped in its folkways and history. She graduated from the Mountain View Bible College.

Her first novel was ONCE UPON A SUMMER. Published in 1981 by Bethany House, it was a Christian novel that blended history, romance and faith.

Janette’s second novel was WHEN CALLS THE HEART – the first in her Canadian West Series – and a bestseller. WHEN CALLS THE HEART told the story of teacher Elizabeth Marie Thatcher who arrives from the cultured East and faces a rougher place and culture than she had expected. The novel was a success, and has been adapted into a popular television series.

She’s gone on to sell millions of titles and is considered the originator of modern faith-based Christian fiction. Recently, Janette returned to the Canadian West with WHERE COURAGE CALLS, WHERE TRUST LIES and WHERE HOPE PREVAILS.

Janette Oke has received the 1992 ECPA President’s Award and the 1999 CBA Life Impact Award for her “significant contribution to the Christian book industry.” She has also won both the Gold Medallion Award and the Christy Award for fiction. Janette and her husband, Edward, still live in Alberta, Canada.

FRANK PERETTI. Called “America’s hottest Christian novelist” and “a sanctified Stephen King,” Frank Peritti is a top selling Christian author, with millions of sales.

Born in 1951, Peretti grew up in Seattle. After a stint of playing banjo in a bluegrass group and studying English, screen writing and film at UCLA, he assisted his father in pastoring an Assembly of God church and began a writing career.

Perretti published THE PRESENT DARKNESS in 1986. Considered the first of the new Christian fictional revival, THE PRESENT DARKNESS has been called his masterpiece and still sells and draws new fans to his published novels. His concept of “Spiritual Warfare” continues to engage readers.

Frank Peretti’s latest titles are in his Harbingers Series: INVITATION, THE ASSUALT and PROBING.

KAREN KINGSBURY. Born in 1963, Karen Kingsbury lives with her husband, Donald, and six children in Washington state.

With millions of sales, her titles include REDEMPTION, A TIME TO DANCE, REMEMBER, OCEANS APART and SUNSET.

TO THE MOON AND BACK is her latest novel.

Called “the queen of Christian fiction” by TIME Magazine, Karen said, “Fans say that they are closer to God and each other after reading the stories the Lord has given me to write.”

TERRI BLACKSTOCK. Terri was born in Belleville, Illinois, in 1951.

With over 30 titles published, Terri Blackstock’s book sales are in the millions. Her Christian fiction novels include LAST LIGHT, DAWN’S LIGHT, DOWNFALL and the Christy-winning INTERVENTION. Terri’s latest title for 2018 is IF I LIVE.

Terri’s advice for aspiring authors is: “Don’t get it right, get it written. I used to spend weeks writing and rewriting the first three chapters, until I heard this bit of advice.”

TED DEKKER. Ted was born in 1962 in the wilderness of Netherlands New Guinea. His parents were Canadian and American missionaries. In an interview, he said, “I grew up in one of the darkest places in the world you can imagine, in the jungle, with cannibals – we’re talking about animism, heavy spiritualism, tremendous amounts of fear. Co-workers of my parents were killed and eaten. By cannibals… “

Now living with his family in Austin, Texas, Ted has published over 40 novels. He writes Christian fiction in the Thriller/Suspense genre. With titles on the New York Times Best Seller lists, his novel THE BRIDE COLLECTOR was nominated for a 2011 Christy Award.

His 2018 publications are THE 49TH MYSTIC and RISE OF THE MYSTICS.

And here’s the good news for those of us who love Christian fiction: new works are being published every day!

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