Why Creativity Matters

What is creativity and why does it matter? It is said that if you continue to do the same thing then you will achieve the same result. Yet that is what so many people do. They think that by repeating something they will suddenly achieve a completely different result. However, in order to make changes you have to approach any challenge in your life in another way.

Creativity is about finding a new solution for solving a problem. It’s about vision, inventiveness and resourcefulness. The reason it matters is because when you find a creative solution you may be able to offer that solution to others and thus make it easier for them when they find themselves in similar circumstances.

Creativity matters because:

You connect with your vision.

It’s a common experience to become very bogged down with day-to-day trivia so that you may have forgotten what the point of it all is. You may feel that you have to follow the rules, do things the way they’ve always been done and yet have lost touch with the reason why you’re doing those things. Becoming creative means connecting once more with the vision and the reasons for what you are doing.

You get out of your box.

Being creative means that you start to think of different solutions so that instead of rigidly following rules that may no longer apply to your circumstances you start with your desired outcome and then brainstorm new ways to achieve that outcome.

In order to do this you have to get into the mindset that there are other solutions that you will be able to find when you let your mind drift and allow those solutions to come into your conscious mind.

You broaden your experience.

When you are creative you become receptive to new ideas either from your own mind or from others who have been through similar experiences as you. Getting in touch with your creativity enables you to consider all these different ideas in a non-judgmental way so that you can decide on a way that’s right for you. You need to have a mental at a chewed of being willing to listen, to accept and to try different ways of achieving the same end.

You become more resourceful.

Your creative mind is a resourceful mind and you’ll discover new paths to travel along and different ways to achieve the goals you want.

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