Why Do Affairs Happen?

Affairs and the decline of love

You meet a fabulous person and get together. The sparks are really beginning to fly! You feel great for a while and then something begins to happen. You begin to feel there is something wrong in the relationship. They start to like you less, your having more arguments and it just is not the same anymore.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Today there are many people in the world with failing relationships. Arguments, fighting, and especially affairs are some of the biggest of concerns for people. Let me tell you a little about people to begin this article with.

There is your universe with agreements and disagreements. You have all your rules and what you expect another person to be like. Then there is the other persons universe with agreements and disagreements. Each universe is its own, unique to an individual and they fight their universes rightness to the death.

People get together because they want another person to supply their needs and wants. They hope that their new found love will take them to the highest extremes in life, only to discover that usually they do not. This is the number one reason why people fail in relationships. They assume.

So when one partner (or both) discover that the other person is not supplying those needs and wants it usually ends in an affair. Then they assume that the next person will be much better than the last one. This is not always the case.

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