Why Narcissistic Mothers Hate Their Daughters

Living in a house where your mother is a narcissist is never easy to acknowledge. They hide under a facade of someone else. They pretend someone better, a successful parent to the outside world. But the drama and real abuse happen behind the closed doors.

Abused teenager suffers from emotional pain, shame, disrespect where they feel unworthy and guilty for who they are. They have no right to shine up and grow up with dignity as an independent human being.

It is especially visible when a girl is entering the puberty stage. That is why narcissistic mother treats her daughter in a more cruel way than her son.While her daughter transforms into a woman, her mother gets threatened by her youth and potential. Then, she becomes very jealous, possessive and abusive. She treats her as the extensions of herself.

Why? She realizes that she is getting older! She realizes that she lost great life opportunities, great relationships and she deals with her own past abuse. Her daughter reminds her of the painful truth about her own life. She is a threat to her and she blames her for sacrificing her life to stay-at-home mom.

That is why jealousy is coming up to the surface. She must jump at any chance to take out all her accumulated rage on her. She finds a temporary release of her low self-esteem and feelings of failure.

Through her abuse, she damages her daughter’s self-esteem and self-worth. That is why she is unable to develop to her full potential and happiness. The hidden message to her is that “you have no right to be happy, free, be beautiful and successful”.

She experiences her harsh criticism, manipulations, shaming, and humiliation to her female body parts. It creates more havoc and more self-doubt in her young mind. She is burdened with toxic, limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

After so much abuse, her daughter gives up and accept for who she believes she became. Narcissistic mother feels released and much better about herself. Her growing up kid is not a threat to her for this moment until the next emotional threat appears. Then, the cycle of abuse will take place all over again.

No one can accept that type of treatment. A young daughter feels furious and rebel may take place. Narcissistic mother hates disagreements and opposition so she will fight to punish her. In her mind, she belongs to her.

What can we do about it? This is a very difficult question when teenager still lives with narcissistic mother.

Many years later, she is ready to face the truth and manage with demonic past with still abusive mom. It is never easy to say ‘NO’ to stop adult abuse. Then, the decision of no-contact is life changing.

It is possible to get free from narcissistic abuse. You need to acknowledge the past and address negative, toxic beliefs and memories. When you do that, it is possible to disconnect and remove traumatic memories and feelings from your mind. Then, essential life force energy will come back to your body and make you free and resilient at ease.

Unfortunately, narcissistic mother never changes. Older, she becomes, mental disorder get stronger and she is more toxic to the people she lives around.

Fixing this person is never an option as it will never be successful. Remember: you will never fix a narcissistic mother but you can save your life.

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