Work Smart Tip – Record it in Your Planner

Isn’t the workday challenging enough without stressing yourself by forgetting to take care of something important? Well, that’s what happens when you make mental notes or write things on scraps of paper. Instead, employ the following technique consistently to track the glut of stuff (appointments, tasks, deadlines, etc.) that you want to recall and accomplish.

  • In the office: When you receive a document, quick scan it to see if it’s pertinent to you. If it is and you need to take an action-record it as an appointment, with yourself, on your calendar (either a paper or electronic planner will work). Then tuck any information you want to reference later, into a corresponding file or electronic folder. Treat verbal requests similarly.
  • Out of the office: When you’re away from work and hear or learn something you want to remember-whip out a note pad and record the key information. Then transfer the information to your planner upon returning to work. A great note taking tool is the “Executive Jotter” which is made by the Andrew Thompson Co. It’s a sleek leather case that holds 3×5 index cards and is rigid enough to write on. The Jotter easily slips into a shirt pocket or purse.

Utilizing this simple methodology for preserving information means you won’t miss anything. It also has the benefit of keeping you sane and free of distractions as you won’t be keeping mindless details in your head! Thus, you are able to focus on important projects and plans.

Super simple-incredibly effective!

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