Write a Resume Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps

Applying for a job is not a piece of cake! The more interviews you get, the better your odds are. Your cover letter and resume are the first things that will let you, to set foot in the recruiter’s door. Now, make a simple calculation – the job for which you have also applied include 100 or maybe 1000 candidates who have already applied for the same job. In this scenario, recruiters will start with “resume sorting”. Here, only a well-written resume cover letter will stand a chance to appear for an interview.

This sorting is one fundamental step from recruiter’s point of view to sharpen up his or her recruitment process. However, from candidates’ perspective it is very first door of OPPORTUNITY, which he or she cannot afford to lose.

Answer these questions to assess the performance of your RESUME/COVER LETTER

1. Do you have a 1-page resume?

2. Do you edit your resume & cover letter every time you apply for a job?

3. Do you upgrade your Key Skills on your resume?

4. Do you adjust your resume format as per Recruiter’s requirements?

If your answer to questions mentioned above is “NO”, then you should read this article further.

1 Typical MISTAKE candidates make in their RESUME is “they do not CUSTOMIZE their resume, as per job description”.

Did you know, that this one mistake can cost you your dream job, for that you have been working so hard?

Top 5 Resume cover letter tricks that will help you get an interview

1. Great Resume asks for a cover letter of “par excellence.”

a) Decide what career you want, and accordingly build 5 resumes

b) Do mention the “Skill Sets” relevant to Job Description, for which you are applying

2. Not 1… Not 2, write a 3 Paragraph letter

a) Include DATE at the top

b) Header should be left spaced

c) No indentation on the paragraphs

d) Start with “Dear Mrs/Mr.” and find out the NAME of the person to whom you are sending the cover letter to.

In case, you cannot find the name, and then mention “To Whom It May Concern.”

e) Close your cover letter with



Xxxxxxx654 (PHONE NUMBER)


f) Do NOT PUT your physical address

g) Save the document in all 2 formats – .PDF and.DOC (different companies prefer different formats)

3. Introduce Yourself in First Paragraph

a) State your name, and make it straight and to the point, else the reader will lose the interest.

b) Do not list your experience, instead mold the sentence and tell them – “you manage top teams and get results.”

c) Do not hold back, try to be expressive and say something nicer about yourself without losing your focus that it is a cover letter, not your social media profile page. Hence, let them know “what you are good at” but in a professional manner.

4. Rule of Thumb – the Second Paragraph must end in 5 sentences

a) Mention your career goals and why you want to work for the company

b) In your cover letter, there are only 2 things that need adjustment –

c) “Dear Mrs/Mr/Dr_________” and the 2nd Paragraph.

WHY you should edit your 2nd paragraph every time you apply for a job?

These changes show the recruiter that you put in your due diligence and selected them.

5. In 3rd Paragraph represent You and Company as a TEAM

a) Keep the third paragraph generic, so you do not have to change it every time

b) Focus on how your past and future accomplishments aligned with company’s goals.

c) Always use “We” term in your sentences to give them a sense that you already feel like a part of their organization.

Follow these 5 basic guidelines and land up easily on the interview desk of top recruiters.

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