Writing Advertising Internship Resume

So, you have set up your goals and you are looking forward to a great future in the field of advertising. Well if you are interested in advertising then you would know the importance of proper communication. As it is, advertising is all about getting your message across to the consumer in such a way, that he/she feels compelled to buy your product or services.

So, proper communication is important. While most of us realize the importance of advertisement in the promotion of a product, we tend to deal our resume in a totally different way. What we tend to forget is that a resume is an advertisement after all, as we are offering our services for sale and a resume is a mode of advertising our services that we offer to a company.

Therefore, you should design a resume in such a way, that the buyer is compelled to buy your product. If you can not advertize your own services properly, then forget advertizing any other product. Now, if you are applying for advertising internship, then the following are some of the tips in this regard:

1. The first thing that you should see to is that the objective is good enough to create an impact. These days, the average time that a resume can expect during the initial screening process is hardly a few seconds. It is therefore important that your objective should create the best of impact. Advertise your skills in it and why you are the best candidate for the applied job. Do not sound overconfident and boasting.

2. The second aspect that you need to mention is that of your education. Make sure that you mention the subjects, which are related to the field applied for, such as business communication, marketing practices, principles of advertisement, promotional writing, advertising strategies, etc. also mention how your education can be beneficial for the organization.

3. Do not fail to mention the skills which you possess that can be put to use for the effective performance of your duties, such as goal oriented, focused, self-motivated etc. This is another important aspect, which you should not fail to address.

4. In case you have any relevant experience in the field, such as internship with an advertising agency, then you should mention it as well. Also mention the job responsibilities that you have handled during the period, such as providing assistance in regard to PowerPoint presentations, reporting tools, preparation of lead spreadsheets, along with other duties, as per requirement.

Always remember that your resume should not be an application, but an advertisement.

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