Yes, I Did Say Stop Sleeping With Your Man If You Want a Deeper Commitment

I used to believe lies about men and commitment. That was until I learned the hard way. I have also spoken to plenty of single women who really don’t “get” men. Some think that they can date around and just do whatever they want. They try to pretend they’re real tough, like it is impossible for them to have a broken heart.

But if you look deeper, you see the wounds. Wounds of he left me, he didn’t call me back, he didn’t respond to my text, he didn’t email me back, he left me for someone else, he cheated on me while we were together…and the list goes on.

Sorry to sound so dramatic, but we need a revolution in the way we moderns think about men. We need to wake up because somewhere along the line, it doesn’t seem to be working for a lot of women.

A woman who is balanced and happy is a rare gem…one who doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder about men and one who doesn’t become like a bull dog when she’s in a relationship. You know, the kind who barks in order to try to change her man.

The truth is…I care about you. I care enough to tell you that giving yourself up in order to get a commitment isn’t working for you and will not work for you. It’s better to have value and live from a happy balance.

Play in a man’s yard before going into his house. Get to know him in the living room for a while so that you can see if he’s worthy enough to share the beautiful and intimate part of you.

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