Your 15th Wedding Anniversary – Gifts to Sweep Her Off Her Feet!

Romantic touch gone a bit rusty? Is age making you feel a little embarrassed doing ‘all that teeny-bopper stuff’, believing it to be strictly for those in the first blush and flush of romance? Well, think again. No woman, irrespective of her age, can resist the seduction of the entire candlelight and flowers routine – in short, romance in huge dollops! And, if she discovers a hidden Romeo in her John Doe — even in the 15th year of wedded bliss — you will have one delighted woman on your hands.

In these times of quickly crumbling marriages, to have remained married for 15 years is a very significant achievement, and one that is worthy of a huge celebration! And, romance is the key to unlock her heart.

Did you know that every anniversary year, right from the first till the 100th (if you are lucky to live that long!) has its own special anniversary year traditional and modern gift, a gemstone and flower associated with it? So, what you do is make sure that your gifts for the 15th wedding anniversary are a charming mix of all these.

To make matters a lot easy for you, here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing…

  1. Give crystal — Crystal is the traditional theme for the 15th anniversary year. It could be a bowl, glasses, plates, candle-holders or photo frames. And if she is really into crystal, she would love another addition to her collection. Crystal adds instant class to any decor and infuses a quiet sophistication wherever it is placed.
  2. Buy her a watch — Is she always running late, arriving breathless for almost all events — be it a movie, a dinner or even a family gathering? Presenting her a watch might be a great gift idea — well within the modern/ contemporary theme for the 15th wedding anniversary year as well. From a fashionable designer watch to a water proof one (in case she loves outdoor sports, specially swimming), anything will work.
  3. Woo her with jewellery, but make sure it is embellished with rubies, the >gemstone of the 15th wedding anniversary year. All women love jewellery, even if they have an overflowing locker at home. An anniversary ring set with rubies, or a gold and ruby pendant is a good start.
  4. Flowers! Yes, more than any other anniversary year, the 15th wedding anniversary is the time to shower your wife with red roses, the classical flower of love and romance and the flower of this year. Get creative by combining two anniversary theme gifts in one – fill a crystal vase with a stunning bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed red roses and place it on her bedside table
  5. Better still, impress her with your romantic streak with a beautiful crystal red rose which she can keep on her dressing table and think of you as she gazes at it

Wasn’t that simple? Finally, trust your instincts and follow your heart — you will never go wrong. She will fall in love with you all over again.

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