Your Divine Heart

There comes a time when the joy you experience comes from the heart – the Divine heart. It comes through from a source so Divine that your comprehension of it now is non-existent.

To come into awareness of this Source, you must put yourself in a place of receiving the Light and Divinity that is always present around you. It stretches into Infinity and has no limit.

As you receive this Source, you open up and prepare your Body to receive even more. Your Body is a vessel, a temple, to hold this Light of Divinity. It flows to and through you and you extend and project it into your world of reality and into the world consciousness and reality.

Only through you , each of you, does this Divine Light stream for you are each vessels and extensions of the Holy Divine Source of All There Is. You are the receivers as well as the projectors of this Divineness.

By raising your vibration, you put yourself in a position to receive and project more for you can only do so if there is openness to receive and a match to the vibration. If there isn’t, it would be like putting a hot wire in you and you could not survive it.

Let go of your pettiness and your petty, limiting thoughts and ways. They do not serve you or allow you to be a greater vessel for receiving the Divinity of Light. You limit yourself. You cut yourself off. You restrict your own moving into a very High Divine State.

Allow yourself to be non-judgmental, loving of yourself and others no matter what. Be accepting of yours and others Divineness and Divinity of Being. Then you will bring yourself into alignment with receiving more Light of Divinity and projecting more into the world to help others see and feel their way to their own Divineness of Being. They will know and recognize for themselves truly who they are and the Greater Being they can be.

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